Success Stories

Hope For The Future

Judy, an 18 year old female, was referred to Gateway for psychosocial rehabilitation by Marshall I. Pickens Psychiatric Hospital after an inpatient stay for symptoms related to her Bipolar Disorder. Judy had dropped out of high school due to her illness, and the stress of peers making fun of her because of it. Homebound education services were arranged. A teacher from the Greenville County School District delivered her class assignments to Gateway on a daily basis, and several Gateway members were able to tutor her during the day. Judy was able to study and complete her school assignments while at Gateway, raising her grades from an “F” to and “A” in completing the 11th grade. In addition, Judy was able to develop appropriate and supportive relationships while participating at Gateway, leading to increases in self confidence and motivation. Judy is continuing high school and will continue to participate at Gateway to work on her recovery. She and her family now have hope for the future.

“I have been a member of Gateway for 30 years. It has inspired me to make friends, stay out of the hospital and be more independent.”

Margaret Waldrop

The Joy Of Independent Living

Donna, a 34 year old homeless female, was referred to Gateway after numerous psychiatric hospitalizations. Due to a lack of interpersonal, social and prevocational skills, Donna was withdrawn and lacking in self-confidence. Gateway staff quickly helped her secure the resources necessary to move to a supported apartment managed by Gateway. With support that including assistance with medications, budgeting, and daily living skills, Donna became involved in the psychiatric day program, working in the Clerical Unit alongside staff and other members. After four months, Donna was offered a transitional employment position in the Furman University cafeteria, where she was trained and supervised by Gateway staff. Donna was unable to complete the six-month placement at Furman due to her mental status, but she wanted to return to work on another position as soon as possible. Several months later, Donna was placed in a transitional position at MetLife, where she delivered mail to all employees. She successfully completed the six month placement there, and was now armed with a tremendous amount of confidence. Gateway next helped her get an independent and competitive position at a local retail store. Donna is now celebrating her ninth year of employment and has been selected as the employee-of-the-year several times. She continues to live independently in her own apartment and has not been re-hospitalized in over 10 years.