What is included in the two-week and three-week training?

Your training will include a variety of experiences such as working on our prevocational work units, visiting and actually working on our transitional employment placements, participating in daily wrap-up sessions, visiting another clubhouse nearby, enjoying social activities with members and staff, and visiting the clubhouse apartments.

What will our schedule be like? Will our weekends be free?

The schedule is designed so that you will be busy from 8:30 in the morning until 4:30 in the afternoon. Throughout the training there will be several nights where certain activities will be scheduled. For those colleagues participating in three-week training, the first weekend of your training will be free until Sunday evening and you might want to plan a trip to the beach, mountains, or to visit nearby friends or relatives. If not, the guesthouse will be available for your convenience.

What time should we arrive and when are we expected to depart?

Please plan to arrive at Gateway at least by 8:15 am on the Monday your training is scheduled to begin. A meeting for all arriving colleagues will be held at 8:30 am at the Clubhouse, and a reception at a member’s apartment will be planned for that evening. The guesthouse will be available the Sunday morning prior to the beginning of each training group. For those colleagues who arrive on Sunday, a meeting is generally scheduled for sometime that evening to discuss the training schedule and answer any questions colleagues may have. Training will end at noon on the last Friday of the training, and colleagues will need to check out of the guesthouse by 4:00 pm unless prior arrangements have been made.

What is appropriate attire during our training?

The atmosphere at Gateway is generally informal and the members and staff dress in jeans, slacks, sports shirts and sweaters. Formal clothes such as slacks, skirts, dress shirts and blouses are required by some of our Transition Employment Program (TEP) employers, so bring a suitable outfit to wear when you visit our TEP sites.

Directions to the Guesthouse?

From I-85 take exit #51 which is I-385. Go north to downtown Greenville.

Go past the Bi-Lo Center Arena. I-385 will turn into Beattie Place at this point. Beattie Place will then become College Street. Follow College Street past the Greenville Little Theatre, the Greenville County Library and the Greenville Museum. Follow College Street until the road forks. Take a right. This is now Rutherford Street. Go past the intersection of Stone Avenue and Rutherford Street. Go one block north to the stop light at James/Earle Street. The Guesthouse is on the right side corner of Rutherford and Earle Streets. The address is 402 Rutherford Street.

Gateway House is across the street and diagonal from the Guesthouse (two two-story brick houses have been connected together with a two-story glass connection).

When walking across the street from the Guesthouse to the Clubhouse always cross at the pedestrian crossing at the red light. Press the button on the corner to change the light. This is for your safety.

If traveling from a different direction from I-85, contact us for detailed directions.

Guesthouse phone (864) 242-3880 | Gateway  phone (864) 242-9193