Member Programs

Work Ordered Day

One of the key principles of the Clubhouse Model is providing “meaningful work.” Putting this principle into practice, Gateway operates a variety of programs to help members develop employment skills and opportunities. Read More


After joining the clubhouse and participating in the Work-Day program, members who need independent housing are offered assistance in moving into one of Gateway’s 72 apartment units for independent living. Read More


A major focus at Gateway is on helping members return to work. We offer three types of employment programs to address this goal. Read More


Realistic education goals, along with the tools and support needed, offer members an incredible opportunity to succeed. To help members feel comfortable attending classes at local colleges, adult education programs and career training centers, Gateway offers Supported Education. Read More


A sense of insecurity and isolation can be a common side effect of mental illness – an attitude that, as mentally ill people, we are “different,” and unable to interact socially or form lasting friendships. Read More