After joining the clubhouse and participating in the Work-Ordered Day, members who need independent housing are offered assistance in moving into one of Gateway’s 72 apartment units for independent living, or elsewhere in the community.

Gateway housing options include:

  • Earle Street Apartments, which are owned and operated by Gateway.
  • Gateway Apartments and Portals (HUD projects managed by Gateway).

In addition, for members who need on-site assistance with daily challenges such as medication reminders, grocery shopping, cleaning and other daily activities, Gateway owns and operates Buncombe Place, a 13-unit complex that offers on-site support. It is extremely comforting to members and their families to know that someone is looking out for their best interests.

When the time comes for a member to move into an apartment, Gateway staff and members assist the person in selecting the apartment, making deposits, obtaining furniture and food, and in making the actual move. All of the services become vital to members as they gain confidence and face both daily challenges and victories.

“Gateway has given me a nice place to live and a reason to get up in the morning.”

Alisa Medlock