Work Ordered Day

One of the key principles of the Clubhouse Model is providing “meaningful work.” Putting this principle into practice, Gateway operates a variety of programs to help members develop employment skills and opportunities. The first step is participation in the Day Program’s work units, where members and staff work together to provide the clubhouse with its needed services.

Kitchen Unit and Member Bank

Members plan meals, shop for groceries, prepare and serve lunch daily, and operate the member bank. The member bank allows members to deposit and save money, write checks and pay bills, and obtain financial counseling from staff and members to help them learn to manage and budget their money.

The Snack Bar Unit

Members prepare and serve breakfast, as well as stock and sell a variety of healthy snacks and beverages throughout the day.

Clerical Unit

Members document the effectiveness of Gateway’s Clubhouse Model, recording information daily in categories such as community adjustment, housing adjustment, and transitional employment wages and hours, then compiles monthly summary reports.

The Clerical Unit is also responsible for recording clubhouse attendance and handling all financial billing. In addition, it publishes a monthly newsletter to friends and colleagues across the country; produces a closed circuit television show, and assists in member education and colleague training.