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Working at Gateway

Gateway is a vibrant Clubhouse where meaningful work opportunities drive the need for member participation. Members and staff work side by side in the program as colleagues. Comprehensive opportunities are provided within the Clubhouse, including support and services related to employment, education, housing, community inclusion, wellness, community resources, advocacy and recovery.

If you want to be part of a program that is evidence-based program that changes lives of adults living with a serious mental illness then Gateway may be the place for you. See our current open positions and apply today.

Open Positions

Rehabilitation Specialist

As a Rehabilitation Specialist specializing in the community and evidenced-based approach to the treatment of mental illnesses, you will play a crucial role in supporting individuals with mental health challenges in their recovery journey. This role will adhere to International Clubhouse Standards, promoting a holistic, empowering, and recovery-oriented model of care within the community.  The primary focus involves implementing diverse Clubhouse programs, services, and activities to foster the well-being and development of members. The role encompasses extensive case management, advocacy, and direct engagement with members, contributing to their individual progress.

Job description

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