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Give Online Today. Change a Life.

Your Donations Make Greenville a Better Place to Live…For Everyone.

Think for a moment. As people, as human beings, what do we all want? A nice place to live, a job, friends, acceptance, a sense of belonging. We want to feel valued and appreciated. We want purpose in our lives and to feel a sense of worth.

People living with mental illness wants those same things.  A community who is happy to see you, who needs and values your contributions and who misses you when you’re not there.

Gateway is that community. And we need your help to keep being the best we can be.

Want to Donate in Another Way?

Checks may be sent to:

P.O. Box 4241
Greenville, SC 29608

Gifts of cash, securities, and marketable property are also gratefully received. Please contact the Development office for more information.

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