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The Clubhouse Model

It Must Be Experienced to Be Understood!

Everything that Clubhouses practice today has roots at Fountain House, which began in the 1940’s in New York City. An early board member of Fountain House stated that the skills to replicate this model are not quickly assimilated or even comprehended merely by description. While these skills are founded on knowledge, they are practiced almost as an art and are learned slowly through trial and error and under supervision and guidance.

Thus the training design was based on two assumptions:

  1. The Clubhouse is set up as an intentional community and the only way to learn it is to experience a hands-on apprenticeship
  2. Higher demands will be placed on professionals who strive to set up Clubhouses. Through an accelerated two-week comprehensive training we can consistently maintain the standard methodology.

Training FAQ

What types of trainings does Gateway offer?

  • 2-Week Comprehensive Clubhouse Training
  • 1-Week Specialized Track Training (Work Ordered Day, Housing, or Transitional Employment available upon request)
  • 3-Day Clubhouse Orientation/Overview Training (available upon request)

What is the cost of Training?

The following training fees are consistent across training bases, as dictated by Clubhouse International.

Type of Training Cost of Training Participants
2-Week Comprehensive Training $7,000 First Time Participant* 4 (Clubhouse Director, staff, member, 2nd week administrator)
2-Week Comprehensive Training $5,000 Established Clubhouses 3 (Clubhouse staff, member, 2nd week administrator)
1-Week Specialized Track** $2,000 2 (Clubhouse staff & member)
3-Day Clubhouse Orientation/Overview Training $1,000 2 (Clubhouse staff & member)

*Clubhouse International defines a Clubhouse as a “first time participant” if the Clubhouse director has never attended a 2 or 3 Week Comprehensive Training in the Clubhouse Model.

**1-Week Specialized Tracks offered at Gateway:  Housing, Employment, Work-Ordered Day. These specialized tracks are available to Clubhouses where the Clubhouse Director has already completed a two- or three-week comprehensive Clubhouse training.

What are the 2024 Training Dates?

**Training Dates are Subject to Change**


January 29-February 9 (Two-Week Comprehensive Training)

March 4-15 (Two-Week Comprehensive Training)

April 8-19 (Two-Week Comprehensive Training)

May 13-24 (Two-Week Comprehensive Training)

June 17-21 (One-Week Specialized Track*)

July 15-26 (Two-Week Comprehensive Training)

August 19-23 (One Week Specialized Track*)

September 30 – October 11 (Two-Week Comprehensive Training)

November 4-15 (Two-Week Comprehensive Training)

When do we need to arrive?

It is recommended to schedule flights landing in Greenville no later than 5 pm. Second-week administrators should arrive sometime Sunday prior to the second week of training. The Guest House will be available to colleagues the Sunday morning (9:00 am) prior to the beginning of the training group.

When is the training complete?

Training finishes up by lunchtime the second Friday. It is recommended to schedule departure flights any time after 3 pm.

Do we need to bring a second-week administrator?

Yes, every Clubhouse is required to have an individual with administrative oversight for the Clubhouse attend. For a 2- or 3-week comprehensive training, they are expected to attend the full final week.

Can we bring an additional colleague(s)?

Yes, we welcome additional colleagues for a fee of $2,000 per additional member or staff and $900 for an additional administrator.

How do we reserve a spot for a specific training?

To request an invoice or more information regarding a specific training, please email us directly at [email protected] or call us at 864.242.9193, and ask to speak to someone in Colleague Training. The only way to secure a spot for a specific training is to submit a completed training application and payment in full.

Is the payment non-refundable? What if we need to change our training dates?

Payment needs to be sent as soon as possible because training groups fill up fast and spaces are given on a first pay basis.  The non-refundable payment is for the dates specified on the completed training application/payment invoice and will not be applied toward another training group should you change your plans within 60 days of your originally scheduled training start date.  When payment is made, Gateway holds that training opportunity for your Clubhouse.

Will we receive a post-training site visit?

This depends on the type of training you receive. As dictated by Clubhouse International: “The tuition fee for comprehensive training for a new Clubhouse ($7,000) includes a post-site visit to the Clubhouse for on-site consultation and assistance, approximately six to nine months after the training. For existing Clubhouses ($5,000), post training site visits are negotiable and are scheduled six to nine months after the training experience. Clubhouses requesting a post training site visit will be responsible to pay expenses which exceed $500.00 USD.” When you are here for comprehensive training, we will schedule follow up consultations (via WebEx or conference call). We will rely on your Clubhouse to request a post-training site visit.

What is the curriculum for comprehensive training?

The training curriculum and complete schedule will be provided upon arrival. Our Comprehensive Clubhouse Training curriculum is approved by Clubhouse International, and is comprehensive. The training curriculum is rigorous with academic aspects as well as physical work in the units. We also provide job site tours, apartment tours, and community excursions. There is an expectation that every Clubhouse will complete an action plan, which is sent to Clubhouse International and influences your accreditation.

What is the cost of lunch at your Clubhouse? Do you have a Snack Bar?

The cost of lunch is $2.75 for the main meal, including a side salad, fresh fruit, and tea. The cost of breakfast is around $1.00. The Snack Bar Unit sells a la carte breakfast foods, as well as healthy snacks, made to order salads, veggie burgers, and beverages. We suggest a minimum of $100.00 per week for food and entertainment. Greenville has a lot to offer, so you may want to bring more.

Room & Board Questions

Do we need to stay at the Guest House?

Yes, every colleague is expected to stay at the Guest House for the duration of the Training. The Guest House has ten bedrooms and six bathrooms. The cost of accommodations are included in the training fee. The address to the Guest House is 402 Rutherford Street, Greenville, SC 29609.

Is there a washer and dryer onsite? Do I need to bring my own linens?

Yes, there is a washer and dryer in the Guest House. Detergent and dryer sheets are not provided, so you can either bring these with you or purchase at the store upon your arrival. Linens will be provided (sheets, blankets, towels, etc.).

Will I have my own room?

Rooming assignments vary based on the size of the training group. While we try to give people their own rooms we can’t guarantee it. We will room colleagues together by gender first and by Clubhouse if possible.

What should I bring?

Colleagues should bring toiletries (shampoo, body wash, etc.). If you forget anything essential there is a dollar store within walking distance, and a grocery store up the street. We will be providing transportation to the grocery store the first Monday of training.

The atmosphere at Gateway is generally informal. The members and staff typically dress in jeans, slacks, and nice shirts. Black or khaki pants, comfortable close-toed shoes, and plain black shirts are required by some of our TE employers, so bring a suitable outfit to wear when you visit our TE sites. Don’t forget to bring the following:

  • Picture ID for travel
  • All medications! Be sure to put this in your carry-on, not your checked luggage!
  • Laptop
  • Umbrella/rain coat (It tends to rain quite a bit in Greenville…)
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Layered clothing (Temperatures can vary, so layering clothing is always a safe bet)
  • Ear plugs (if you are a light sleeper…there can be up to 24 colleagues sleeping at the Guest House)

Will I have access to a computer? Is there Wi-Fi?

Yes, there is a computer at the Guest House for colleagues to use at their leisure. The Guest House does have Wi-Fi for your use as well. Each Clubhouse should bring a laptop to use in action planning. Documents that need to be printed can be done so at the Clubhouse.

What if I want to prepare my own meals and buy my own groceries?

There is a dollar store within walking distance, and a grocery store up the street. We will be providing transportation to the grocery store the first Monday of training. The Guest House has a modern kitchen with all the necessary cooking utensils and equipment if you would like to prepare some of your meals. Should you elect to prepare your own breakfast and lunches, please pack these to bring with you to the Clubhouse each day, as colleagues are expected to spend the entire day at the Clubhouse for training. There will be a few snacks available in the refrigerator for you to use until Monday’s trip to the grocery store. Please keep in mind that there are basic cooking items (spices, oils, canned goods, condiments, etc.) already in the Guest House. It is recommended that you take stock of these things prior to doing your shopping, so you don’t purchase duplicate items. There is also a charcoal grill available for your use during your stay, although the charcoal is not provided. Should you choose to grill, please use with care and safety.

What meals will be provided by Gateway?

There will be a welcome dinner on Monday evening and Farewell dinner the last Thursday evening of training (for 2- or 3-Week Comprehensive Training only).

Transportation Questions

How do we get from the airport to the Guest House?

Most colleagues choose to use a transportation service, rent a car or drive themselves. We recommend using Lyft or Uber. You can plan on spending approximately $60 for a taxi or other transportation service, and $35-45 on Lyft or Uber. The Greenville-Spartanburg Airport is approximately a 20-25 minute drive from the Guest House.  Regardless of how colleagues arrive to the Guest house, we ask that you contact our On-Call staff for the week directly to coordinate your arrival. Please call them either when you land at the Greenville-Spartanburg Airport or are about 20-30 minutes away from the Guest House if driving. The On-Call staff name and phone number will be included in the pre-arrival email sent a few days prior to the start of training. The On-Call staff person will meet you at the Guest House to let you in and help you get settled.

Is there transportation from the Guest House to the Clubhouse every day?

The Guest House is across the street from the Clubhouse, and is an easy walk.

Secure Your Spot—Register for Training

Email us at [email protected] or call 864.242.9193 and ask to speak to someone in colleague training.