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There are a lot of misconceptions about what we do, so we’ve compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions to help you out.

What is Gateway?

Gateway is a mental health resources for adults in the Upstate of South Carolina. We follow the Clubhouse Model of Rehabilitation that focuses on relationships and skill-building as vehicles for healing.

Is Gateway an inpatient program?

No. Gateway is not an inpatient program. It is a voluntary day program for adults with serious mental illness. Members don’t receive clinical psychological treatment from Gateway, and Gateway is not a replacement for these services.

Instead, members and staff receive supportive relationships from one another. This is a therapeutic, evidence-based model that provides therapy through work and relationships.

Who can be a member at Gateway?

To be a member, you must be an adult (18+) who is currently seeing a psychiatrist or mental health center for the management of severe and persistent mental illness. Learn more about how to join.

We are not able to serve people who have brain injuries or developmental disabilities. In addition, we encourage a six-month sobriety period for those seeking treatment for substance use/abuse.

How long can someone be a member at Gateway?

Members can continue coming to Gateway for a lifetime, as long as they want to.

How long should members expect to be at the Clubhouse each day? Is attendance mandatory?

This is a voluntary program, but it’s a community that depends and expects individuals to be here and run the clubhouse. The members who respond best and progress toward their goals are those who attend five days per week, arrive early and stay long enough to participate in activities throughout the day.

You get what you put into it. While it is voluntary, it is also your life trajectory. The more you’re here the more you feel like you’re part of a community and like you belong.

How much does it cost to become a member?

If the member has Medicaid coverage, then Medicaid pays for the services provided. Otherwise, the cost to attend Gateway is based on the member’s ability to pay. No potential member will be turned away due to an inability to pay for services.

Is transportation provided?

If a member has Medicaid coverage, they will be able to use Modivcare transportation services to attend Gateway.

Otherwise, the member must provide his/her own transportation or use community resources such as the city transit system to get to the Clubhouse program. We are conveniently located near downtown Greenville, directly next to a Greenville bus stop.  Gateway has vans  which support our members to access opportunities in the community as needed once at the program.

Can someone be a Gateway member if they already have a job?

Yes! Many of our members have their own jobs and come to Gateway when they’re not working to get support from their friends. We also host an employment meeting weekly on Thursdays after hours to support those members who do have full time jobs.

Is Gateway open on holidays and weekends?

Yes! Social life is a part of life. We get together and talk about what we want to do on weekends and have fun doing it. Members often explore the farmer’s market, go shopping, go to Greenville Drive games, or attend plays.

We celebrate the holidays on the actual holiday. We prepare holiday meals together and sit down to enjoy them as a community.

How quickly can a member find housing through Gateway?

Housing through Gateway is an opportunity that we provide to some members who are able to live independently. Therefore, Gateway cannot guarantee to provide housing for all members.

How quickly can a member find a job through Gateway?

Gateway provides opportunities for our members to return to work in a program that allows for them to work part-time, with staff support, but does not result in them losing their Social Security Income. The program is called the Transitional Employment Program and is unique to the Clubhouse Model of psychiatric rehabilitation.

What should be included in the referral packet?

For every referral, the referring source should include a Gateway Referral Form, a Diagnostic Assessment/Psychiatric History, a list of medications. For state agencies, an RBHS referral form, complete with frequency and dates of service, should also be included.

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