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Staff Members

Annette Sanders

Chief Financial Officer

Tinetia Barnes

Rehabilitation Specialist

Caleigh Bentley

Rehabilitation Specialist

Courtney Drozd

Rehabilitation Specialist

Maria Nix

Rehabilitation Specialist

Carolyn Wilkins

Rehabilitation Specialist - Housing Coordinator

Frederica Hutchinson

Billing Assistant

Holly Cheek

Rehabilitation Specialist

Jennifer Irby


Jeremy McMahan

Program and Training Coordinator

Position Available

Rehabilitation Specialist

John Minarich

Rehabilitation Specialist

Avril Fennell

Clinical Director of Medicaid Services

Sophie Finnell

Rehabilitation Specialist

Martha Armstrong

Director of Development

Mike Edmond

Rehabilitation Specialist

Paris Percell

Rehabilitation Specialist

Randy Redlinger

Executive Director

Sally Bissada-Lassiter

Associate Director

Wesley Quattlebaum

Rehabilitation Specialist

Available Position

Rehabilitation Specialist

Available Position

Rehabilitation Specialist

Board Members

And Their Reasons For Serving

Fred Carpenter


I have never experienced anything even close to the life-changing outcomes the Clubhouse achieves.

Caroline Stewart

Vice Chair

"Our family has greatly benefited from the Gateway program and are excited to share in making that happen for others."

John Markel


Firsthand I saw the symptoms of chronic mental illness; but then I saw Gateway’s Clubhouse Model in action - providing practical purpose and independence.

Mary Elizabeth "Mimi" Jenko


I serve on the board to help individuals have healthy and productive lives.

Nestor Acosta

I have seen up close [personally and professionally] the amazing and much-needed work that is carried out by the folks at Gateway House.

Nancy Suitt Bennett

The Board gives me an opportunity to help some of our most vulnerable citizens by giving them a hand as they begin resuming an active life.

Dawn Dwyer

After witnessing firsthand how Gateway ensures that members are "seen, heard and valued", I am honored to be part of this wonderful community. Gateway truly changes lives.

Clarence Kegler

I became a board member to better understand what a member of my family is going through!
I also enjoy giving back. God has richly blessed my family and I. I just want to be an instrument to share his love by helping others.

Matt Haskell

As a former employee, I choose to serve on the board to help in the continued success of the program.

William Herlong

"What Gateway does, and does so well, is incredibly important for the community and people in need. I am honored to be able to play a small part."

Marko Huttunen

Gateway House represents to me what is good in our community and serving on the board is both a great honor and opportunity to be a part of something special.

Jara Jones

After watching my mother struggle with mental illness my entire life, I realized it is my responsibility to advocate for people battling this disease.

Elizabeth Dalton Rosenblum

It is an honor to serve on the board of Gateway in memory of my brother. Gateway is an untapped mental health resource in our community that needs to be shared.

LaBarbara Sampson

[I love] working with passionate volunteers and members whose focus is to serve, enhance and improve the quality of life for an underserved population.

Tony Sanchez

Hemingway said ”We are all broken, that's how the light gets in.” Gateway is the light!

Linda Watt

** Gateway is glad to welcome Linda to our Board of Directors.

Dorothy Whalen

"Both personally and professionally my life's mission has been to help the mentally ill. As a Gateway board member, I am honored to be part of a community that offers comprehensive services and restores lives to those in need."

Jeff Wolf

Personally, I have experienced depression within my family which led me to want to participate in the organization.

Mary Allison Zimmerman

Gateway is an organization that truly changes lives and my work on the Board has been some of the most rewarding and impactful of my life.

Are you interested in joining our team as a staff or board member?

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