Mental Illness Doesn’t Discriminate

11.4 Million U.S. Adults Experienced Serious Mental Illness in 2018

Mental illness impacts people of every race, sex, age, and religion spanning from the rich and famous to the poor. This is one of the most far reaching and consequential problems facing our country today. And despite the strides society has taken to destigmatize mental illness, with it still comes hardship, shame, and isolation. It robs people of their identities, their sense of self, and the meaning in their lives.

By 2020, behavioral health disorders will be the #1 cause of disability worldwide, surpassing all other illnesses. And unfortunately, this is becoming increasingly evident right here in Greenville. Gateway exists to provide a light for adults living with mental illness and offers a place of dignity and hope in our community.

Did you know…
  • South Carolina ranks 50th in the country for mental health care access. Source
  • Approximately half of all adults in South Carolina with a mental illness do not receive mental health services. Source
  • 1 in 4 uninsured residents in Greenville has a mental illness . Source
  • The social and economic costs of untreated and undertreated mental illness in South Carolina have increased every year since 2011. Source

How We’re Helping Rewrite the Narrative

Our holistic, community-based model helps adults with serious mental illness regain a sense of purpose and belonging. Adults who have participated in a Clubhouse program like Gateway experience various positive outcomes, including:

Increased Job Stability
Improved Well-Being
Fewer Hospital Stays
Better Overall Health
Reduced Incarcerations

Real People. Real Outcomes.

Over the years, Gateway has served more than 1400 members. That means 1400 new beginnings. 1400 fresh starts. 1400 lives reclaimed. The result is not only enriched lives for our members but for their family, friends and employers. Here are some of their stories.

Member Story
October 28, 2019

The Story of Elliott

Without Gateway, I would not be employed, live in a place of my own, or have new friends and possibilities. Before I found out about Gateway, I was living in…
Member Story
October 21, 2019

At Gateway I’m the Best Me I Can Be

My name is Erin but my friends call me Tree. I am 39 years old, and a proud member of Gateway house. My life before Gateway is what I call…
Member Story
October 21, 2019

Gateway Helped Me Find My Voice

When I became a member at Gateway in 2011, I barely spoke to anyone. Not to my doctors, not to my therapists, not even to my family. I had no…