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Member Story

Chaz Hamrick – Keys To My Success

My name is Chaz Hamrick. I have been a member at Gateway for about 7 months. Before I came to Gateway, I was lost and searching for a purpose in life. I lived in several different states and struggled to find stability in my life. This lack of stability led me to substance abuse. Ever since coming to Gateway, I have since begun a life of physical and mental recovery. Gateway has changed my life in so many ways. It has offered both structure and support, which have been crucial to my recovery. This structure and support has enabled me to pursue employment and an opportunity to work a TEP at Swamp Rabbit Café & Grocery. Not only have I been able to return to the workforce, but I also have met many wonderful friends at the clubhouse. Being a member at Gateway has renewed my purpose in life and has given me the drive to continue to better myself. The best part of being a member is being accepted into a community where structure and support are the keys to success. Thank you Gateway!