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My name is Nolan Smith and I attended the Gateway House from 2015 through 2016. While there, I learned many skills working in the Kitchen and Bank Unit(s). I helped prepare lunches for everyone at the Gateway House. I then learned how to become a detail-oriented worker at the Bank Unit. Working with numbers and figures there inspired me to attend Tri-County Technical College in Pendleton, SC, to get my Data Entry Clerk Certificate. I worked with a great team in the Bank Unit, and Adam inspired me to get my Associates Degree. I worked on getting my Associates Degree and Certificate at the same time and graduated with both in May 2018. I was able to successfully transfer to Clemson University where I have majored in History and minored in English. My plan is to complete my Undergraduate Degree and then attend Graduate School for Library Science. I would love to give back to my community as a Librarian. However, it is only due to the great encouragement and support of the staff and members of the Gateway House that I was able to accomplish these tasks. Gateway House inspired me to achieve my ambitions and gave me real-world skills to add to my resume. Thank you, Gateway House, for giving to me so freely!